Unable to create a game - App 42.

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Hi, I have created an app. My app has around 1000 levels(akin to Candy Crush). I have successfully created 200 games(or levels) {from App HQ->Gaming ->Games->Add Game}. However when I am trying to add 201st game, an error 'Something went wrong' pops up. I tried to create the same from code, but it failed with 1401 (Client is not authorized) exception. When I deleted an existing game and create a new game, it was created successfully. Your documentation states that we can create any number of games we want to. However I am unable to create more than 200 games. PS: I have disabled Replay Attack protect. Please help me out of this issue. Thanks and Regards.
asked Aug 30, 2016 in Unity by beenapfe (10 points)

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Hi Beena,

Greetings from ShepHertz!

My name is Nailesh Nebhnani and I am part of our account development team, here to help you.

We actually allow 5 Leaderboards (Game Levels) as part of your current free plan and since you have crossed over the hard limit of 200 Leaderboards, it shows an authorization error.

I would be happy to discuss our pricing structure and other offerings with you.

Feel free to contact me at the details below and we wish you our best with your App Development.

Best Regards,

Nailesh Nebhnani

Account Developer

Email: nailesh.nebhnani@shephertz.com

M: +91 9899-321-321

Skype ID: nnebhnani.shephertz
answered Aug 31, 2016 by nailesh.nebhnani (10 points)
Hi Nailesh,
Thanks for the reply.
Had another query.Is there any limit to number of scores that can be saved in a leaderboard (in free plan!)?

Thanks and regards.
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