Can services be used without userName?

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I have been taking a look and I think your system is exactly what I need.

My only concern is that a user is required for most actions like posting to facebook and posting scores to a leaderboard.

Do you have to create a user before using these functions, objiously for leaderboard you are going to want to tie up a user to a score but do you have to use the User Service to create a user first?

I have an app that is very small and I think that it may be a bit of overkill to get the user to enter a username and have it check if it exists etc, jsut to post scores to leaderboard  and facebook.

Any help would be much apreciated.





asked Apr 8, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by djdicky (10 points)
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All App42 services are not coupled to each other and can be used in isolation. You are not required to create user for using leaderboard or any other service which requires username. Username should be unique identifier for refering your user. This can be facebook user id or app42 user name or any other user identification used in your app. It should be just unique to refer a user.

If you dont want to ask your user to enter username, you can take device Id/IMEI etc as unique identifier and pass it as user name.
answered Apr 8, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
edited Apr 10, 2014 by ajay123
Thanks for your prompt reply.

That makes sense, I'll use the device I'd.

Thanks again.
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