Do you have delete game function in the leadersboard service?

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Hi, I see the function "Create Game" in the Leadersboard Service List, but I also need to remove game in particular time. I can't find any delete game or remove game functions. Do you have ones? How can I use them?

asked Aug 17, 2017 in JavaScript by koval_kos (10 points)

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As of now, we don't have delete game API in Leaderboard Service but you can delete leaderboard as well as indivisual entries from that particular leaderboard directly through the dashboard.

Please follow the below steps and let us know if you need any help from our side:

  • Delete Game: Select App42 Cloud API->Gaming->Game->Click the Delete Game button given on the game icon and submit, it will delete your leaderboard from backend.
  • Delete Indivisual Entries from Leaderboard: Select App42 Cloud API->Gaming->Leaderboard->Select your leaderboard from which you want to delete user partcuar score-> Click Manage->Delet Score, it will delete user score from that leaderboard



answered Aug 17, 2017 by anonymous
How many games can I create maximum?
Do we have delete game API in Leaderboard Service now?? Else how do we implement a leaderboard that gets deleted every week ?
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