Best practices for controlling many objects

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In a physics game, and with many objects (more than 100) that can be moved by players, how is the best way to control the position of all objects, so that all players have the same view?
I'm new to multiplayer system, so I do not know how to do it the most efficiently and with least data sending.
asked Oct 30, 2017 in Android by dsgamesdeveloper (10 points)

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It depends on the game requirement but the recommended way is to only send data of an object if there is a change from its last shared state. You have to keep track of every object and if there is a change in any property which should reflect at other player's end then you should transfer the data. You may decide to send data instantly if there is a change or after certain time interval. You have to decide this based on the user experience and the cost of sending data.

I hope it will help.

answered Nov 1, 2017 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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