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About Buddy Service, I have a question.

I want to add someone in my friend list, but without going through the confirmation process

If I add ABC to my friend, ABC will become my friend without ABC accept my request.

Can we do this ?


Thank you !
asked Apr 11, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by guo (110 points)

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No you can not add someone in your friend list without accepting the friend request .

You need to go through the procedure of sending the friend request to your buddy, then your buddy needs to accept the friend request then only you can add into friend list.


Thank you.l
answered Apr 11, 2014 by anonymous
selected Apr 11, 2014 by guo
Thank you very much !
If A send friend request to B, but B reject the friend request, A send friend request to B again, I get error message below

" The request parameters are invalid. Request already sended for user 'B' "

Maybe B reject friend request just  pressed the wrong.
If A want to send friend request to B again, how can I do ?

Thank you !
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