Background Timer in Turn Based Games.

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How can i manage the timer between different users in turn based game for user's turn ? I want to make user play his turn one by one. Suppose , if there are four players in the game. when player A makes his move, others cannot touch the game board. Like wise when players turn is changed and player B makes his move, others will wait untiil his turn come. But how to maintain if player C doesnot make the move . Should i maintain the timer from the user side. or is there any functionality availble in the server/sdk ?

BTW i am using iOS SDK. 

asked Feb 27, 2014 in AppWarp by nilesh (109 points)

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You can take a look at our documentation which describes realtime turn based rooms in AppWarp.

The server maintains the turns and will reject out of turn moves sent from the client.

Also the time for each turn is also managed by the server.

You can also look at the samples given at the end of the page whose link I've shared above.

Hope it helps!
answered Feb 27, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
selected Mar 4, 2014 by nilesh
thanks dhruv, any ios example ?
We don't have an iOS sample for this yet. However you can follow the others and see how the APIs are used. The same APIs are available in iOS as well.
dhruvc, i am trying to follow this windows example.
Thanks dhruv, i got success by looking at the above windows example.
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