when trying to connect to realtime chat demo app i am getting connect failed5 error why ?

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i already done ebery information mentioned in the youtube video about how to configure the realtime chat app demo

but i am still getting the error connect failed5 when i am typing my name and trying to connect , please if there is something i need to do let me know

Thanks, Regards
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Are you refering to the Android tutorial?

Please ensure that you've added internet permissions to your app's manifest and that your device/emulator has a working internet connection.
answered Apr 30, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
thanks for your reply

i tried to use blue stacks and eclipse standard emulator both have internet connection

and about the permission yes ive added to permission (android.permission.INTERNET) and android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE)

and saved the manifest is there any thing i need to do else
Can you do the following after you initialize WarpClient?


This will print some additional logs to stdout from the SDK which might be useful.
dear my app is now connecting successfully please i have another question what about if i want to edit the rooms and create my own one do i need ti make change in code or only i need to create appwarp room in apphq knowing that i already created a room in apphq but the application is not connecting to the room while my room is not appearing in the slide bar
If you are modifying the topics of the room, then you need to modify the contents of the strings.xml file as well accordingly.


Edit the following code snippet in this file as required.


Also if you want to create new rooms from the client sdk, you can look at the createRoom API which creates dynamic rooms. Do go through our concepts page

Thank a lot for guiding me through previous steps now my app is working perfectly because of you.
I have two last questions is it possible to add users so the app will not open if any name is typed it will open when the specified user name is typed only ? If yes i need your help.
Another question if its possible to send push notifications to offline users for example inviting them to a event also i will need your help by that

Your last 2 questions don't seem related to the original question of this thread. I recommend you create a new question thread for separate topics. Please also be mindful of posting the question in the correct category (Push notifications are provided by App42 Cloud APIs) http://api.shephertz.com/tutorial/Push-Notification-Android/
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