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I want to integrate tournaments in my game and wanted to ask if AppWarp is suited for this use case.

There are a few main aspects of these tournaments (and my ideas on how to utilize AppWarp):

+ There are multiple predefined tournaments (rooms?) on which players can join.
+ A list of all available tournaments (lobby?) will be presented to the player with data (players, remaining time, prize pool).
+ The tournaments are timed and have a fixed duration (for example: tournament A starts every 20mins for a duration of 15mins. Tournament B starts every 120mins and lasts for 60mins).
+ Each player submits his score while being registered in the tournament. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score across all tournament players (a few hundred players per tournament).
+ When the tournament ends the winners will be determined. The first player will receive 25% of the virtual coin prize pool the second player 10% and so on.
+ The only multiplayer data that will be fetched every 20 seconds or so, is the current score of each player. With this information I could build up a realtime leaderboard.

I have thought of using App42s leaderboards but I think the multiplayer API is better suited for submitting and fetching the data in realtime, also there would too much API calls (millions) on app42. Maybe a combination of both services could let me implement real-time tournaments?

I hope you can give some more information if and how this is possible with AppWarp/App42?
asked May 7, 2014 in AppWarp by blueriverteam (10 points)

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For scenarios such as these where you require fine control over the application rooms lifetime, using the cloud poses some problems. This is because updates to a room's properties (start time, end time etc.) have to be done from the client side. This means that you will require something like an admin app (which will also use the client SDK) but will always be present and will manage how the rooms lifecycle and properties are updated.

it is recommended that you use AppWarp S2 which is the on-premise game server solution. Its similar to AppWarp cloud but also allows you to extend the server side. So you can build your own server side controls which will manage the lifetime of the tournaments and do the realtime judging of winners and rewarding coins etc.

AppWarp S2 though is not a cloud solution and developers have to host the game server themselves (you can use Shephertz GPaaS also for that).
answered May 8, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
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