User Management Service - How to get User Profile by UserName directly ?

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In this link , we can see how to create or update user profile, but we can't see " get user profile".

How do I get UserProfile by UserName directly on User Management Service ?

We use iOS, Android and PHP.

Another question, about method " Get User By Profile Data "

In PHP, I got error message below

Notice: Use of undefined constant profileData - assumed 'profileData' in /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/Sample_UserService_oo.php on line 107

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to UserService::getUsersByProfileData() must be an instance of Profile, string given, called in /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/Sample_UserService_oo.php on line 107 and defined in/home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/PHP/2.1.1/UserService.php on line 1037

line 107 is below

$userResonse = $userService->getUsersByProfileData(profileData);

How could I do ?

Thank you !

asked May 15, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by guo (110 points)

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Hi Guo,

If  i can talk about your first query you can find the user profile by user name by using Get User Method. That will return the user object in which you can directly fetch the profile data of that user.

And about the other one i would recommend you that please add the '$' sign before parameter while you are fetching the details of that user.

eg :  $userService->getUsersByProfileData(profileData);  
to $userService->getUsersByProfileData($profileData);



answered May 15, 2014 by SACHIN25 (190 points)
selected May 19, 2014 by guo
Thank you for your reply !

In iOS, Get User Method doesn't see get user profile function, so I ask this question, if this method can get user profile, why not write into this teaching document ?
For example, in this teaching document, we can see Authenticate method, this method just show authenticate by userName and passWord, but I know we can authenticate by emailId and passWord. Maybe other user don't know this method.
In fact, I mainly want to ask IOS method.
Could you give me " Get User Profile " method in iOS ?

About another question, I copied the code of teaching document, maybe I was not careful enough, so ask this question.
Please find the link below for get user profile function in iOS and we will update it soon in our documents
and about authenticate method with email it is already available in documents

Thank you so much!
Thank you very much !
Your team is best !
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