How can i broadcast voice from server?

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I have one great feature in my App, i.e. voice broadcast in perticular room.

So in corona i made one audio file that recorded but how can i sent to server?

And Which format server send to me.

Please reply

asked May 19, 2014 in Discuss & suggest API by safvantai123 (24 points)

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With appwarp you can only send text messages or binary messages with a limit of 1024 bytes. For sharing files you can check out App42's storage service.
answered May 19, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
selected May 19, 2014 by safvantai123
Ok thanks for quick reply
If i store on cloud then how the server can download it?
And how server sent to other client. the feature is like group voice chat.
By server what do you mean. Are you using AppWarp S2?

With App42, your file will be uploaded to our cloud server and you will receive an URL for that file that you can use at either server or client to retrieve the file
Ok i got it.
Means in this scenario server doesn't come.(AppWarp S2)
the player can directly upload to cloud and other player can directly download from cloud. right?
So on cloud can i put audio file or i have to convert in any format?
Yes! Player can  directly upload files to server and download. It does not matter what format it is, it can be of any format.

Both Appwarp and App42 are cloud services. AppwarpS2 is the extension of Appwarp that you have to host your self.
Thank you very much
if one player upload audio file on app42 then how the other players know the file is uploaded on app42?
Once you have uploaded the file to App42, you will be provided with a URL to that file. Thereafter you can share that URL with other players through AppWarp's sendChat method.
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