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When I create a regular room, I receive onuserjoinedroom callback, when I create a turn based room, the callback isn't received, bug maybe? Thanks
asked Jun 1, 2014 in AppWarp by smhmdmjd (11 points)
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When you create a room - you should get onCreateRoomDone callback irrespective of whether you created a regular room or a turn room. Provided you have defined and set your zone request listener callback.

Similarly, when you call joinRoom, you should get onJoinRoomDone callback irrespective of whether you joined a regular room or a turn room. Provided you have defined and set your room request listener callback.

answered Jun 2, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
I did that, it is working for regular room, when changing the create to create turn based, it doesn't work. The problem is with onuserjoinedroom callback
For making the question clear, the onjoinroom is working, the scenario is the following:
A creates turn based room X
A subscribes to X
B joins X
A gets on user joined room - not working
Can you ensure that the notification listener in A's app is set before B joins?
Yes, for sure, when I change the room to turn based room, the notification (onuserjoinedroom) is fired
We checked this issue and it is working fine in our sample. You can download the sample from : https://github.com/RajeevRShephertz/Ninja_Fight_MultiplayerDemo_Cocos2dX_V3.1/archive/master.zip .
I upgraded to appwarp files attached and now it is working, thanks for your time, apparently it was a bug with previous appwarp version
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