error connecting to AppWarp when trying to connect through Facebook - unity web player

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Hi everybody, I have a built a multiplayer game that works on IOS,Android and Web player versions.

When playing with Android or IOS it works perfectly fine, but when trying to connect to AppWarp on the web player build I get a result of 5: CONNECTION_ERR.

Is there a known problem regarding AppWarp connection via web player I should know about?


hope anyone can help soon, this is the last aspect of my game and I am hoping I can publish it soon :)
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What is the default geo location of your application when you created it in our AppHQ dashboard? i.e. US, Japan, EU etc.
I'm pretty sure I didn't pay attention to the geo location box, so it probably stayed the same as the default. should I try and change it?
Can you do the following

Instead of WarpClient.initialize(apikey, secretkey); do the following

WarpClient.initialize(apikey, secretkey, "");

The problem might be in doing a lookup request from the webplayer. So if you hardcode the IP address it will not do the lookup. See if that resolves the issue for now.
Hi dhruvc,
the issue is resolved in a certain manner. the response i get is this:
"ClientChannel Connect

CheckSocketEndpoint called for with port: 12346

SocketPolicyClient1: Incoming GetPolicyStreamForIP

SocketPolicyClient1: About to BeginConnect to

SocketPolicyClient1: About to WaitOne

SocketPolicyClient1: Socket connected

received policy

Parsing: cross-domain-policy


Parsing: allow-access-from


  domain: *

  to-ports: 12346

done parsing policy

CheckSocketENdpoint returns :True







signature: dIYQrDAlfWZZRkkAUfE7LZ4FlIA=

value: dIYQrDAlfWZZRkkAUfE7LZ4FlIA%3D


because of this, I believe that the connection is successfull, but the event "onConnectDone" those not get invoked, therefore I cannot tell if the client is really connected to AppWarp or not.
So earlier you were getting onConnectDone but with 5. Now you are not getting onConnectDone at all? Can you confirm that the only change you have made since is passing the IP address argument to WarpClient.initialize
Also we've tested our sample in the web player and its working fine. Where is your web player build hosted? Can you see if it doesn't work even on localhost i.e. on a local web server.
Yes I can confirm.  When passing the IP argument on any platform,  the OnConnectDone event is not invoked.  On the other hand,  when leaving the warpclient.Initialize as it is,  all platforms work  properly,  except the web player.
When playing on localhost the webplayer works properly,  only when i upload the build the troubles start. I am hosting on Dropbox

We tested our Viking Sample with our latest Unity SDK and we found no issues while testing out web player even on DropBox. Here is the link to our sample hosted on dropbox

Please make sure you are using our latest SDK. Grab the latest SDK from here
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