NoSQL Storage

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i have json doc :



how to update value of "TokenId"

i've tried using update document

but it created a new json doc. not append "TokenId" value.
asked Mar 8, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by goldglorygirl (55 points)

1 Answer

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Please use updateDocumentByDocId something like this.

String newJsonDoc = "{"DeviceId":"34cd6116b29f2b70592665208631b2c94473dda7","TokenId":"<Your new Token Id>","Email":"","Username":"testing","Password":"dcccc056c6bb70ab32adeaed7922c271","EmailLower":"asdaasdyahoocom","UsernameLower":"testing"}"

storageService.updateDocumentByDocId("<DB Name>", "<Collection Name>", "<Document Id>", newJsonDoc);    

answered Mar 9, 2014 by sshukla480 (407 points)
Any simple way ?
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