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Are there any plans of Integrating with the GameMaker platform? Or is there already an SDK that I am unable to find.
asked Oct 19, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Kanishk Kunal (10 points)

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Hi Kanishk,

Currently we do not provide support for Game Maker. But we do support iOS, android, HTML5, and many other platforms.

answered Oct 20, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
GameMaker, like Unity is popular among the game development community and supports all major platform like iOS, andoird, Windows and HTML5. I see that ShepHertz api's supports Unity but not GameMaker. You may want to consider adding support for GameMaker.

Meanwhile, Since GameMaker has the ability to make REST api call, can you please point me to the REST api documentation so that I can write my own api wrappers for GameMaker.
You can refer our PHP or JS sdk for App42. You can study there code and implement a wrapper for App42. We don't provide documentation for REST APIs because we recommend developers to use our SDKs instead of writing REST wrapper.

Regarding AppWarp, appwarp internally uses TCP/UDP/WebSockets so you might not be able to write a wrapper for it using REST library.
In that case, I will highly recommend as well as request you to provide support for GameMaker. It supports both REST APIs and TCP/UDP network calls. Writing an extension module for GameMaker wouldn't be hard. GameMaker has excellent cross-platform reach and loved and used by many Game developers, just like Unity.

Meanwhile, I will have to find a suitable alternative solution, maybe the PHP or JS sdk can help. I am looking to implement a simple leaderboard for users of my games. Thanks for your Help!
Btw, I recently wrote about Leaderboard services for different platforms on Super Dev Resources: and included App42 too. Many of my readers chose App42 over others mentioned in the list so I also wanted to do a follow up post with a tutorial of using App42 and GameMaker.
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