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  I'm developing a game with Cocos2dx, I just started to work the AppWarp SDK.

  I'm totally understanding how to integrate App42 and AppWarp and the differences, because as far as I understand, with App42 services could make give up on AppWarp, so what I'm missing.

  What is the release date for App42 for Cocos2dx?



asked Mar 12, 2014 in AppWarp by smhmdmjd (11 points)

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App42 and AppWarp are different products by ShepHertz technologies.

App42 BaaS is a REST based backend which provides services such as User management, JSON Storage, Scoreboard etc.

AppWarp Cloud is a real-time socket based backend for multiplayer games which involve real-time interaction between the clients over sockets.

Cocos2d-x SDKs for accessing the backend services for both the products are available. If for example you just want to add Scoreboard to your game - you only require App42 BaaS. If you only want to add real-time interaction between players - you only require AppWarp Cloud.

Let me know if you require further clarification.




answered Mar 12, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
Thanks a lot, things are more clear.
Another technical problem:
I created an App named "LairLair" but getting error 404 "address for api key not found", I tried to reset keys and also tried another app "lairlair", but still getting same error.
I also tried the serverhost URL with the api key in browser, but still getting 404 error
Please note that we checked and the application that you have created is of type App42 (and NOT AppWarp) so it will not work with AppWarp product.

If you are using App42 product (backend APIs as explained in my earlier message) let us know which API/operation you are trying to perform that is resulting in this error.
Thanks alot my friend, you were right, it is working now!!
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