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It seems that billing for AppWarp is based on the number of calls to the cloud. Not on the number of  concurrent players. So before I star, I was wondering how many calls per second is each player going to make to the AppWarp Cloud?
asked Mar 12, 2014 in AppWarp by christianvfx (10 points)

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Hi - details of how billing messages are counted is explained in the following link
answered Mar 12, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
I guess the question I am asking is how many time per second would the 5 calls Quoted below be made?

"Lets take an example of a 3 player game room with players A, B and C in it. Now if player A sends an updatePeers request to the room, the following messages are counted –

->Request from A to the server (1 message)
->Response from server back to A (1 message)
-> onUpdatePeersRecieved notification to all 3 players in the room from the server (3 messages)

Hence a total of 5 messages."
Thats upto the application developer. Each application has its own logic and exchanges messages at a different rate. For example consider the 2 android games that we have in our samples here

The Fruity Monster sample will send a message from a user only when the player taps on the screen to make the monster move. It just informs other players about the final position of the monster and not a frame by frame update.

In the UDP based multiplayer game sample however each player sends an update regarding its position at a high fixed rate irrespective of the user interaction.

So its up to the scenario that you are developing and how you achieve it.
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