App42Exception: 504 Gateway Timeout

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Some API calls are regularly giving me timeouts. I can create an account and authenticate the user, but when I try to query a leaderboard (GetTopNRankings() or GetTopRankings()) or get a user's top scores (GetHighestScoreByUser()) all I get is the subject error after 60 seconds. This happens in the Unity Windows editor, Unity Windows 7 standalone builds and Android builds builds:
"Exception: com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.csharp.App42Exception: 504 Gateway Timeout"
On Android I see the following in the adb -logcat output:
E/Unity   (30109): cloudGetTopRankingsCallback Exception: com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.csharp.App42Exception:
E/Unity   (30109): UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_Log(Int32, String, Object)
E/Unity   (30109): UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object)
E/Unity   (30109): CloudGetTopRankingsCallback:OnException(Exception) (at D:\Source\WordPortal\Assets\Scripts\CloudService.cs:228)
E/Unity   (30109): com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.csharp.connection.<execute>d__3:MoveNext()
E/Unity   (30109): com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.csharp.connection.<WaitForRequest>d__0:MoveNext()
This would lead me to believe the scoreboard doesn't exist, but I've confirmed it does and have seen this API call work a few times.
asked Mar 13, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by rtargosz (94 points)

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We were in the process of further optimizing leaderboard methods. Please check it again it should be fine.


App42 Platform
answered Mar 14, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
selected Mar 14, 2014 by rtargosz
Working fine for me now. Would be nice to have a status board where we could find out what services are up/down!
Sure. We are already working on it. Soon we will it at our site/dashboard.
Works fine now ... Thanks! :-)
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the same problem here on Unity and iOS! A few days ago it works properly ... Has it something changed at the server?

Please give us a feedback APP42s! :-)

Many thanks in advance
answered Mar 14, 2014 by micha (31 points)
Please check my answer above. It should be fine now.
Yes, it works fine again! :-) Thanks for the fast feedback!
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