Having Skip and Reverse functionalities in Turn-based Room

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I am trying to make a game like UNO, but I am facing some trouble to create a functionality like skip and reverse which UNO game gives. Can you guide What should I do to acheive those functionalities using on Premise S2 server or by cloud APi's. Well, I am using Unity for my front end.

Please guide me to achieve those functionalities.
asked Mar 18, 2014 in AppWarpS2 by marine.modi (62 points)

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You will need to use AppWarp S2 (on-premise) solution like you've mentioned.

You'll probably need to use the ITurnBasedRoom and its sendMoveUpdate function.

So the way I recommend is that client sends its move to the server. You override the handleMoveRequest on the server. Decide whose turn you want next in the handler. Then if you want to jump/skip etc. set doDefaultTurnlogic = false in the HandlingResult. In the next timer tick - you can use the sendMoveUpdate API and update the turn according to your logic.

Do go through the following page for details.

answered Mar 18, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
selected Mar 19, 2014 by marine.modi
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