Is this good for AppWarp too? That also needs to be 64-bit.

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asked Apr 3, 2015 in AppWarp by huffman (50 points)
recategorized Apr 7, 2015 by sushil

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Hi Dan,

We are working on it and will update you as soon as the build for AppWarp is available.
answered Apr 4, 2015 by NaveenGShephertz (244 points)
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AppWarp is working with the latest version of Unity 5 for ios 64-bit. Please download the latest version of Unity. Unity has been continuously releasing patches  that has improved the support for ios 64bit a lot.
AppWarp will not directly work with WebGL as Unity has yet not provided support for WebSockets. Till then you can use our JS SDK and call JS code from Unity Code. Here is the official page of Unity regarding networking in  WebGL
answered May 6, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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