Why rummy card game demo don't run well ?

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asked May 10, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by rongchenghan (15 points)
I install xampp on my pc and run rummy server.
Then when I test rummy game with two android phone, it don't connect well.
And if connection is broken, it don't reconnect.
I'm wondering rummy demo really run smartly.
Yes, I know.
I did everything according to tutorial.
So server and client launch, but it don't run smartly.
Can I really use this ?

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AppWapr S2 is a Java library not a PHP framework. Therefore XAMPP is not required. You need to use ANT to build AppWarp S2 server sample. You can also create an eclipse or netbeans project using that sample code. Once you have build your java application, simply run it.

Then go to AppWarp S2 dashboard and create a zone to acquire AppKey. Then update your client code with AppKey, if required you can also create rooms through AppWarp S2 dashboard.

Further details can be found on our dev center.


answered May 11, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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Yes, I know.
I did everything according to tutorial.
So server and client launch, but it don't run smartly.
Can I really use this ?

answered May 11, 2015 by rongchenghan (15 points)
What is the output in the console window? Can you please share it. We recommend using ANT to build AppWarp S2. Other batch files(both windows and linux) does nothing but call ANT tool. So make sure ANT is installed.
This sample is in runnable state and can be used. Even if you create your own project, you will still need to perform same steps.
You can also share your steps that you are following to use this Sample
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I did everything correctly according to tutorial. 
Only I use XAMPP for AppWarpDashboard.
And JDK and Ant already is installed on my PC.
My step is following.
1. download Rummy CardGame sample and AppWarpDashboard.
2. unzip Rummy sample and run server with windows_start.bat command in command line 
3. copy AppWarpDashboard into XAMPP directory and start Apache in XAMPP. 
   *** this is only for seeing appwarpdashboard on my pc
4. open AppWarp Dashboard and create zone and get APIKey.
5. open client project on eclipse and rewrite APIKey, host IP.
6. build client project and install on android phones.
7. run Rummy app on phone and input user names and select two player room.
8. so Rummy apps try for connecting with server, but it don't connect well.
   *** because I test on local, I think it have to run very smartly, but it isn't so.
9. sometimes two Rummy apps connect with server, I can see it through dashboard. 
   After connection success , I play with two phone, but it disconnected after serveral turn and it didn't reconnect.
*** because I can play game though a bit, I confirmed my step is correct.
answered May 12, 2015 by rongchenghan (15 points)
edited May 12, 2015 by rongchenghan
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