AppWarp S2 AdminDashboard Error !!!

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I download AppWarp S2 AdminDashboar and install on my pc.

When I run Rummy Card Game Server and open AdminDashboard, graph for RAM and Rooms increase continuosly and then "blue screen" is shown, my pc shut down.

That time, Only server run and client didn't run at all.

This is very critical error, and so I wish it is fixed ASAP.

I can show the error through teamviewer in anytime.
asked May 30, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by rongchenghan (15 points)
edited May 30, 2015 by rongchenghan
Have you tried running the same on different PC? What OS and version are you using? Also which browser are you using?

1 Answer

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I install Windows 7 and I run it on only my PC.

When I run SmartFoxServer on my pc and open it's dashboard, it run correctly.

But when I run AppWarp S2 server and open AdminDashboard, my pc shut down.
answered Jun 1, 2015 by rongchenghan (15 points)
As per our discussion on Skype, it seems like there is some issue in drawing the graph on your system as we are not able to reproduce the issue at our end. We are working on the issue and we will update this thread as soon as it is done. Until then we suggest you to please use the Admin Dashboard hosted on our server.
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