How write log in AppWarp S2 ?

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I'd like to write my log in AppWarp S2.

What function should I use for it ?
asked Jul 28, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by rongchenghan (15 points)

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You can use following function to write different logs in AppWarpS2.

  •   Util.logInfo
  •  Util.logWarning
  •   Util.logError

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks & Regards

Vishnu Garg


answered Jul 29, 2015 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
I use such functions for log, but I can't see it in warp.log or "app_id".log file.
How to do I ?
You can find warplog file in logs folder of you AppWarpS2 server.
how to make the log printing on console. it currently make me hard to trace log during testing on Netbean IDE. Another questions that how i can create differrent log file as my own way. For ex i have 3 games, each game should be logged in its own file like game1.log, game2.log.....
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