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I am not sure how to design/approach "the login" functionality and I need your help in providing some guidance.

I want to provide a fb login functionality. I am just not sure about the username part. It is said by your website that we can use the facebook ID as a username. The problem that the fb id is something like 123456. So when you display the leaderboard to someone, all what they will see is a list of numbers rather than list of "names or display name"

So I am confused, what is the typical implementation for login provided that you want people to see meaningfull names of each other when showing leaderboard. What do you suggest?

Thank you
asked Mar 25, 2014 in AppWarp by android4canada (20 points)

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You are right that fb id is something like 123456 .

About the display of leaderboard App42 SDK return the facebook profile in leaderboard object which contain the fbUserName,fbId and profile picture of fb User. So, that will help you to display the perfect leaderboard with user name and profile pic of that user in your game.
answered Mar 25, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
I checked the leaderboard service according to this link
, it does not return facebook profile. It just return an object with user name, score value, score id, and createDate

Unless there is something  Iam missing. Also lets say players are joining the room, the only paramter you get is username.  So you will be displaying players user name (fb id) which is irrelevent. How do people implement this?
In leaderboard service you can find the top scorer in your friendlist and his/her facebook profile by using http://api.shephertz.com/app42-docs/leaderboard-service/#get_top_n_rankers_from_facebook and if you want that you you need to find the facebook profile individually than you can  call the method from socialservice which will take facebookIds for which you want to fetch the profile
http://api.shephertz.com/app42-docs/social-integration-service/#get_facebook_profiles_from_ids .
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