Automatic Broadcast message to all the Users when SendMove() gets called

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I am developing a game where i need CLoud42 API Server to broadcast message to all the users on Dashboard. So is your server provides these kind of facilities ?
asked Jul 6, 2016 in Android by testdemo772 (47 points)

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Hi TestDemo,


Yes, you can Broadcast message to all users when you called sendMove function. As sendMove API works inside a room. You can call sendChat API through which you can message all the room users.

It depends on you when you want call either by calling ith after sendMove or after when you receives success callback in onSendMove done.

So you need to write your own logic for broadcasting the message automatically when sendMove() gets called, but in AppwarpS2 advance version of AppWarpCloud you write your own business logic by overriding the AppWarpCloud features.

Let me know if more queries are concern.


Vishnu Garg

answered Jul 6, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
selected Jul 6, 2016 by testdemo772
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