2207 error code but it prints 0

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Hi All We had a skype call with Himanshu. He said me why I am getting 2207 error code. But now I am asking although error code prints 2207-Session id not valid. I debug.log(apperrorcode) it prints 0. Why are they different? Can someone please answer this? Thanks
asked Oct 3, 2016 in Unity by gokhan (20 points)
edited Oct 3, 2016 by gokhan

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Hi Gokhan,

We need to some more information to debug this at our end. Could you please provide the code snippet of the API call which is giving this error alog with th logs including SDK internal logs? It will help us to understand the problem in better way.

P.S. Please enable SDK internal logs using App42Log.SetDebug(true);



answered Oct 4, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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