Appwarp and App42API both initialize not working together.

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Here is my code. Both Initialize not working together. -- Replace these with the values from AppHQ dashboard of your AppWarp app API_KEY = "239f9fb15358ff17696a96738b303a04a0620488964cc99d7d83480fe7a954cb"--"aba7b9b123c1b597681470dd512a154dbfd23f465ff76c680667ca7f82bb7a28"--"ef97d80d09a4dba483eb28c58cdca7a50f42c27687a3fe590d33ad3f110e6177" SECRET_KEY = "53b5cb61719518a9b737ff07dbefcab7df6e2b13f7bde483dc66bb838a49b941"--"d92022a83f42d952eac1e4fffab735603d26355344ed5aed6adf7a5c495f8e7b"--"4a1bb6a679fa25b885f27869ab2ed0e7f092dc3eb9a1e5af4d6134aa9979554a" ROOM_ID = "1903902005"--"2086039790"--"973917665" USER_NAME = "RoomA" REMOTE_USER = "" ROOM_ADMIN = "" API_KEY_APP42 = "69f86c9af1769e6faceb11cf5e1b58179244c7851924c78f8b4f6c1800b787fd"--"677f43146c9f00164e10ce55f8f35171a7d5d40072b5078b3a0be26d3202d9ed" SECRET_KEY_APP42 = "2a93fe07325ac8a07338a9d2d46d993f1138848c84388a4379d273a9c6ab57c5"--"265b039c9115f04d2d193a8378c04f9b3faae739508ca9ec5c106e92e56cc043" GAME_NAME = "Demo1989" MAX = "100000" App42API = require("App42-Lua-API.App42API") App42Log = require("App42-Lua-API.App42Log") App42Log:setDebug(true) App42API:initialize(API_KEY_APP42,SECRET_KEY_APP42) appWarpClient = require "AppWarp.WarpClient" appWarpClient.initialize(API_KEY, SECRET_KEY) -- uncomment if you want to enable trace printing of appwarp -- appWarpClient.enableTrace(true) -- -- IMPORTANT! loop WarpClient. This is required for receiving responses and notifications local function gameLoop(event) appWarpClient.Loop() end Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", gameLoop)
asked Nov 5, 2016 in Corona by panarasavan (11 points)

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Hi Panarasavan,


Please download the below files and replace these files in AppWarp folder, it will work for you:


If you still face any issue, please let us know. We are happy to help you!


Himanshu Sharma

answered Nov 7, 2016 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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