How can i make a timeline / post system ?

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Hi , i am new with the plugin , how can i make a post sytem like facebook / a timeline system ? (a text timeline as you can see in the picture : , i just want a text timeline , what can i use to post , what can i use to print it , what can i use to randomize the posts in the timeline ? , thank you
asked Dec 14, 2016 in Announcements by wanderleydaconceicao (11 points)

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You can use Storage Service of App42 Cloud API to save or get the timeline data from cloud. You can save all the post related data such as Likes, Comments, Message etc as JSON in key value format. You can even add userID to the doc to uniquely identify the doc while querying for the user's timeine docs.

Please have a look at above tutorial links and let me know if you have any queries, I will be happy to help you.


answered Dec 15, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Hi man , sorry for the late answer , so I did what you said , but when i make a post it prints me this kind of comments '' {"name":"Nick"} '' - how can i remove the {} and the '' '' ? thank you
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