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I was on StackMob - should I now move to App42 or Parse?

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Now that StackMob is shutting down - I urgently need to move to another BaaS. I am evaluating App42 and Parse. I've already done some prototyping in both App42 and Parse. Push is a service that I will be using heavily. Parse definitely seems much more expensive to use in this regard. Its asking for 200$ for the same that I can do with App42 in 50$$.

Are there any pros/cons that I need to be aware off specifically with regards to Push?
asked Mar 8, 2014 in Discuss & suggest API by starabc (39 points)

1 Answer

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I've been developing using App42 for the last few months. It works well and the support is great. What I also liked were the getting started docs I got from them. In my case I needed to know how to use their push notification on iOS and the following were really helpful

They have a lot of such blogs and tutorials for different topics which assist in making the first integration steps with the App42 backend.
answered Mar 8, 2014 by michaelking (84 points)
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