Issues with Snake Wars tutorial

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Hi, I tried to follow the Snake Wars tutorial, I'm using FlashDevelop to compile the code, but it gets an error "Syntax error: package is unexpected." in, I can't solve this issue

And also, regarding the code "client.joinRoomInRange(1,1,true);"

How does it actually work? I tried this on the Smiley Space shooter tutorial to limit the game for 2 players (since usng the initial code more than 2 players can get in the game and everytime one player moves, the red smileys in all the other games move)

I tried to replace " WarpClient.getInstance().connect(localUsername); " with " WarpClient.getInstance().joinRoomInRange(1,1,true); " in the connect_click function
It didnt work, nothing's happening when it's "connecting..." and the game can't start
Thanks a lot for the help
asked Feb 23, 2014 in AppWarp by tdv (16 points)

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If you want to limit the game to 2 player rooms - you need to specify this when creating the room. So when you call createRoom API to create a dynamic room, you can pass 2 as the maxUsers parameter.

Now if you use joinRoomInRange API with (1,1) what it will do is find a room with exactly 1 person in in and add you to it. Then on a 3rd person will not be able to join it (as the room has 2 as maxUsers). If no such room is found - the API will complete with an error and you can go ahead and create a new room and join it. A similar concept is used in the following C# tutorial.
answered Feb 24, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
ok, but why does the compilation doesnt work?
Any answer on why I cant compile it?

And I still cant get it worked, I tried to put the  "WarpClient.GetInstance ().JoinRoomInRange (1, 1, true);"  in onConnectDone function of the AppWarpListener

and I put the code that creates the room as mentioned in the tutorial in the onJoinRoomDone function

Any solutions?? Thanks a lot, I really need help on this one
Hey tdv- So you are able to run and compile the smiley space shooter sample and not the snake wars sample? Best would be to ask a separate question for separate samples and the issues you have with each. I see you've already asked a new question on snake wars..
ah ok sorry about that, I'll made a new thread about that one
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