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I previously asked a question regarding unique usernames for use with the services:


Which made a lot of sense and I am going to implement.

I have another question which is loosly related.


I have a game in progress, which when the user dies (or another action happens) I would like to save the scores (for a leaderboard), for this I intend to use the Score Game Service, all good.


I would like to know:


1) I believe the username/nickname that will be saved on the score board is the username entered by:

 - gameUserName:userName

 Am I correct?

2) If so, I would like a users name or nickname to be displayed on the leaderboard, so how would I get this data without specifically asking.  I am going to add facebook integration for posting scores etc, so the users facebook name would suffice, but I do not want to immediately ask for the user to 'accept' the app can use facebook data, when I am only posting a score.

Question really is how do I go about getting a nickname for the leaderboard without explicitly asking.

I was thinking GameCenter but I would like to keep it using native Apple Frameworks as much as possible, in the case that I may want to port to Android.


Thanks for your help in advance.





asked Apr 10, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by djdicky (10 points)

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Hi Richard,

If you are using faceook login, user has to give permission to access his profile information like first name, last name, email etc. There is no way you can get it without asking his permission.

Once user has given permission, you have to save user score using his facebook Id (This is required for facebook friend leaderboard method to work, otherwise you can use any unique identifier for user name). Also, if you want to display other profile information like first name, last name, country etc in the leaderboard, you have to save his profile information after login in the Storage Service. See our blog post about displaying additional profile information in leaderboard. for the same.


Ajay TIwari

App42 Platform

answered Apr 10, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
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