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There is one use case where admin can create a private room and invite a users to play in that room.
here admin can set a time limit for that particular room after time limit reached it will automatically destroy even users are still in the room.
so how can I achieve that?
asked 6 days ago in Discuss & suggest API by mkc110891 (10 points)

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Using AppWarp S2, you can achieve this feature as it allows you to customise the server side code as well. AppWarp2 is on-premise solution where you get the server side SDK as well as Client side SDK. You can create your own server project using our SDK and customise the server as per your requirement. If you are already using AppWarpS2 then in the Room Adapter class you can write your logic to delete room after specified time using the delteRoom API.

Let me know if you have any further query, I will be happy to help.


answered 5 days ago by rajeev.etc (1,508 points)
Thanks for the replay.

Yes, I am using AppWarp s2 I want to know that when admin create a private room(dynamic room) at that time he/she can give a time?
If yes and let say, admin, give 6 hr so after 6 hr that room will be destroyed even if there are users in that room.
And one more thing between those 6 hrs, if there is no user for more then 1 hr in room, It will not destroy as well because 6 hr is not completed.
Is this case possible?
Can you please reply so we can move further to our game we are stuck here
Apologies for delay in response. Could you please let me know how are you creating room? Are you using create room API for it?
we are making a turn based game so we are using createturnroom API for creating room.
In this case, handleCreateRoomRequest adapter method will be called in your Zone adapter class. You can assign a life time for this room here which you can start decreasing in timer metgod and you can delete this room after this life time becomes zero.
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