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Could you help with the question. I create an online game and want to choose a online service.
Can I implement in AppWarp the following algorithm:
There are:
1) When start the application, permanent table creates with the characteristics of the character
2) In a certain scene, the player clicks on the "find an opponent"
3) Creates search "to find an opponent" by certain criteria
4) The battle begins.
5) Each player has his own ui module with buttons 
Example scenario: the battle begins, the timer starts for each player. Player one pressed button A, another player pressed button B.
7) the following module takes values ​​that were used by both players (for example: the character pressing the button A, inflicted damage and robbing the health of another player) and sends them to the server
8) Continues until the health of one of the players terminates
Is it possible to implement this with Appwarp?
And if you do not complicate from what should you start from the beginning?
Thank you
Claus W.


asked Aug 14, 2018 in Corona by akda10 (10 points)

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Hello Claus,

Yes, you can use the On-Premise version of AppWarp which is AppWarpS2 that allows server side customisation. With AppWarpS2, you will get Server side SDK as well as client side SDK. Using server side SDK, you can overrride default behavior of the AppWarp server and write your own logic on top of it. It also provides you RPC calls feature that allows you to write your own method on server and call it directlty from your client. 

Below are some links to get started:

1. Getting started guide

2. Samples

3. Complete API documentation for server as well as client

Let me know in case you have any further query, I will be happy to help.


answered Aug 16, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Thank you, Rajeev!
Sooty for my newbie questions but I dont udestand some logics.
Next implementation could help me .
How to easily make next:
There are two users in random room. I tried some approaches for set text for users like:
User 1.text  - my USER_NAME
User 2.text - random user connected to the room

And question how to set another USER_NAME in text?
After that I want to sendPrivateUpdate from me to another user but I dont know username of last one.
I will be very happy if you help me with that.
I forget to say: I use Corona SDK and AppWarp.
I inspected AppWarpS2 and I think that my app dont have so complex logics and I can use AppWarp
To connect with AppWarp server, you need to pass a user name so you can pass your user name here. But as this user name must be unique and if you are using some unique user id here instead of name then you can save the user display name in user profile in our Storage module of App42 Cloud API( You can fetch the user details whenever required from here. Saving this on AppWarp is not recommended as every time user disconnects server will remove his data.

You can always fetch Room details using getLiveRoomInfo API which will give you the list of users joined in that room.

I hope it will help.
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