I created a room. Now, how do I get its roomid?

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In my game user can create a room and then share the roomid with friends for them being able to join the room. Once a room is created I want to display the roomid so that the user can share it. There is NO callback that returns the roomid. How do I get it?
asked Sep 1, 2019 in Announcements by Ishan Gupta (10 points)

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Hi Ishan,


We have forwarded your query to our team we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Priyanka Singh

App42 Team
answered Sep 3, 2019 by anonymous
When I use the following function,

public void onCreateRoomDone(RoomEvent eventObj)
            string roomID = eventObj.getData().getId();

I get a NullReferenceException.
Also, when using this statement, the connection state is always 1. I check it abundantly.
But when I remove this statement the connection state goes to 0 but what's the point of it then?

When I use the following code:

public void onCreateRoomDone(RoomEvent eventObj)
            //Statement doesn't give any error or exception.
            RoomData rd = eventObj.getData();

            //Prints 'com.shephertz.app42.gaming.multiplayer.client.events.RoomData' ???

            //GIVES NullReferenceException
            string roomID = rd.getId();
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