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calling WarpClient.GetInstance().Connect(FB.UserId) I only get CONNECTION_ERROR: what can be causing this? The Facebook login is correct and the Facebook Id does indeed contains the Id. I'm in Unity 4.3.4f1, using App42_Unity3D_SDK_2.6.dll along with AppWarpUnityMobile.dll from the warp 1.6.1.


asked Apr 20, 2014 in AppWarp by Giuseppe De Francesc (23 points)

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Hi Giuseppe, the connection to warp client is independent to facebook. The string that you pass as the username can be the user's FB id or any other string.

One reason why you are unable to create the connection could be that that the keys that you have passed to WarpClient.initialize(); are incorrect. Did the app that you create  from inside AppHq - was its type AppWarp? Apps whose type is cloud or web (and NOT Warp) will not connect to AppWarp cloud service. Please see the steps for appwarp below
answered Apr 20, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
selected Apr 20, 2014 by Giuseppe De Francesc
Hi, I'm sure I did create it as an AppWarp: to be sure, is there a way to check?
BTW, if I use the normal DLL (instead of the mobile one) it connects successfully, but then linking the FB account fails with "Invalid Session" :(
If you can connect with the normal dll, then that means your keys are fine.

Please note that the AppWarpUnity.dll is to be used when building PC/Mac builds. It can also be used for iOS and Android builds if you have Unity Pro.

You need to use AppWarpUnityMobile.dll and the Plugins provided only when you are building for iOS/Android and don't have Unity Pro.

As mentioned earlier, AppWarp is oblivious to the username string that you use to connect. (it doesn't matter whether its a your name, FB ID or something else). So you should deal/debug both the issues independently.
You can also read the following blog post by me about the different AppWarp Unity assets.
Ok, so I guess we don't care about the mobile version of the DLL as we have only Unity Pro seats. Any idea why linking the FB account fails?
Since this is not related to your original question (which is connection error from appwarp connect).. I think it will be best if you open a new question and the relevant team can follow up :-)

I assume your connection error issue (WarpClient.GetInstance().Connect) is resolved now.
Yep, I did add a new question indeed, thanks :)
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