LinkUserFacebookAccount fails with Error Code 2207

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  • Appwarp 1.6.1: AppWarpUnity.dll
  • App42 2.6: App42_Unity3D_SDK_2.6.dll
  • Unity Pro 4.3.4f1
  • Facebook SDK 5.0.3

Calling LinkUserFacebookAccount(FB.UserId, FB.AccessToken, me) returns OnException with this:

Error: {"httpErrorCode":"400", "appErrorCode":"2207", "message":"BAD REQUEST", "details":"Session Id not valid"}

This is an AppWarp game. I initialize App42API after I successfully connect AppWarp, then I call LinkUserFacebookAccount (this in the Unity Editor, on Android and on iOS).

The token is valid, this I know for sure because all Facebook operations work just fine. The odd thing is that I can see data in the Metering Summary that actually count the calls to LinkUserFacebookAccessCredentials and the size in KB grows... but I see no user data anywhere (and the linking fails!).

Any pointers?



asked Apr 20, 2014 in AppWarp by Giuseppe De Francesc (23 points)

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This error comes when your app is ACL enabled. For ACL app you have to set access token like this just before your link method.


More more information about App42 ACL please visit.

answered Apr 20, 2014 by sshukla480 (407 points)
selected Apr 20, 2014 by Giuseppe De Francesc
Thanks, that was it indeed :)
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