how i can leave the Room without exit the game.

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i am developing two player fighting game using appWarp j2me sdk.

i want to leave the game while playing with other player so that naw i will not appear into other player's device. and game room should be empty with one player.

for this i am calling    warpClient.disconnect() by clicking a custom button  and onDisconnectDone() method give      event.getResult()==0

naw what code i have to put under

public void onDisconnectDone(ConnectEvent event) {
asked Apr 21, 2014 in AppWarp by maheshsahu125 (20 points)
edited Apr 21, 2014 by maheshsahu125

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If you just want to leave the room, then you can call the leaveRoom API. You don't need to disconnect and then reconnect again.

You need to pass in the id of the room you are currently in. The result of this operation is in onLeaveRoomDone of the RoomRequestListener.

warpClient.leaveRoom(String roomId);

answered Apr 22, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
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