number of messages in game

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how to know the number of messages in game   to buy AppWarp’s Packages 


thanks and best regard

asked Apr 24, 2014 in AppWarp by Linh Luu (25 points)

2 Answers

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For accounting information, its best ot contact
answered Apr 24, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
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Every time you call an api, you will also receive a reponse for it. And other players will get a notification about it.

Suppose there are 4 players in a room and you sent 1 chat message. You yourself will get onSendChatDone method and every one will get onChatReceived listener. So total no. of messages will be 6. 1 for calling api, 1 for response and 4 notifications.
answered Apr 24, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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