Dynamic rooms not available in app42 cloud

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I created a dynamic chat room using the method createRoom() and once the room was created, i gave a request to join the room with match making.. I'm able to join the room and see the new room's ID created. But, I don't find this room created in Appwarp cloud in appHQ Console.

What could be the reason?
asked May 5, 2014 in AppWarp by vish.sharma0203 (10 points)

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There are 2 types of rooms that are created in AppWarp.

  • Static Room - Rooms that you create from AppHQ Console and those rooms are persistent.
  • Dynamic Room - Rooms that you create using the API (createRoom()) are in memory and not persistent.

As you mentioned that you have created the room using the API createRoom() that means you have created the dynamic room and hence not persisted. That is the reason you are not able to see it in AppHQ Console.

answered May 5, 2014 by naresh (350 points)
Okay thanks,
I had another query!
How do i reset the connection to the cloud? I'm facing the problems when i'm pressing back button n then trying to run the app again?
The toast of "connection successful" (as in the matchmaking example) is flashed the number of times i run the application
When your application goes in the background or closes, Android OS can close the underlying TCP connection. You will get onConnectDone error. You will need to handle this by connecting again.
Its working fine if I leave the main activity unfinished and jump on to the chat activity. On pressing back it shows me the main activity and hence doesn't require reconnection. I think I should go with this as Every other thing i try raises small bug in the UI
Please note this is a working sample whose purpose is to only illustrate how to use the AppWarp SDK. Its not a guide on the best practices when it comes to Android UI and activity life-cycle :-)
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