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I am using user service from app42 and i want user names to be in utf-8. So i encode user names using Base64. Everything works fine but sometimes i have this error "Unexpected < encountered" with certain user names. For instance when im trying to get user with encoded name "0JvQntCg0J/QkA==" in getUserDoneListener i have this error. I guess that problem in slash(/). So should i replace it with another symbol or there should be another workaround ? I am using flahs sdk.

asked May 6, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by makskamyshnikov (10 points)
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Yes, '/' is causing the error. Username should not have , ; / \
You should escape the string after encoding to base64.
answered May 6, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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ok now when im using escape on my encoded string i have "0JvQntCg0J%2FQkA==" and there is another error from getUserDoneListener "Unexpected end of input"
Can you post code snippet?

I use getUser method from user service to check is username unique. If callback on this function return App42NotFoundException there is no such user then. But now when i encode some username and then use URI.escapeChars i have "0JvQntCg0J%2FQkA==" as result. And when i pass this string as parameter to getUser function, i always get exception with message "Unexpected end of input"
I've just tested createUser method with name "0JvQntCg0J%2FQkA%3D%3D" and it was successfully created. But when i use getUser method with same name it still return exception with message "Unexpected end of input".
Is "%" allowed in getUser request ?
% is not allowed in any get and delete request.
Ok thanks. I replaced % with @ after escape string and it worked.
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