TicTacToe example, Notification not always delivered?

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I have got the TicTacToe example to run and work, except that the push notification isn't always delivered. I haven't found any rules to when it works and not.

Also registering a new user seems not to work always. It often says "User creation failed" but then all of a sudden it works.

I am running in emulators and on one device.

How trustworthy are these services?I expected it to be production ready, so I was a bit surprised about this.
asked Feb 20, 2014 in AppWarp by roar (10 points)

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It would be really great if you can put the console log for failure request. You can check you push delivery logs in Push Notification Tab in AppHQ console.

In terms of stability and trustworthy, we have thousands of apps running on our platform without any issue and these services are production ready. Have a look at our show case page for the listing of apps utilizing our services.

answered Feb 20, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
I believe the problem lays in the game itself. The first notification after re-entering the board-screen always works. That may mean that the example cannot be used as a blue-print though, but it's probably a simple thing to fix.

I do see in the push-notification log that there are actually sent two notifications (for each turn) from device B to A, but only one from A to B, where A is the device that initiated the game. I guess this is also an implementation issue.

It's good to hear that the service is stabile and trustworthy! That's all I need to know for now really.
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