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I am using Marmalade 7.1.2 and trying to create a room with certain properties. I have created a map to use, but I get the error:

Error    4    error C2664: 'void AppWarp::Client::createRoom(_STL::string,_STL::string,int,_STL::map<_Key,_Tp>)' : cannot convert parameter 4 from '_STL::map<_Key,_Tp>' to '_STL::map<_Key,_Tp>'    c:\users\scott\desktop\ctf\ctf\source\data.cpp    109

this is the code I am using..

std::map <string, int> properties;
    properties["level"] = 1;
    warpClient->createRoom(std::string("userCreatedRoom"), std::string("Admin"), 8, properties);


Whats wrong here?

asked Mar 3, 2014 in AppWarp by scott.woolven (35 points)

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The correct syntax is void createRoom(std::string name,std::string owner,int maxUsers,std::map<std::string,std::string> properties);

Properties is a map of string and string.

std::map <std::string, std::string> properties;
    properties["level"] = "1";
    warpClient->createRoom(std::string("userCreatedRoom"), std::string("Admin"), 8, properties);

answered Mar 4, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
selected Mar 4, 2014 by scott.woolven
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