send a mail to any host mail service ( gmail , yahoo..etc).

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I am register the game with new account. like"" . but this account fake account of my game.

this is not real gmail account.

is there appwarp provide any hosting mail ?

Once i registered the game. I want invite my friends and i want send a mail to friends.
asked Jun 24, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by marine.modi (62 points)

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Through App42 Email Service you can send mail to your friends. 

For that you need to configure your gmail account with App42 either using Create Email Confirguration api or using App42HQ Management Console.

Configure your gmail account with right parameter parameter as i explained below:

emailId= "",
password = "*********",  // Password of email address from which you want to send mail
host = "",  // For Gmail account host is this.
port = 465
isSSL= true

Let me know if you are having any issue with this.


answered Jun 25, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
I configure the this account. In the callback i am getting "succesfull configuration" message/

callback response :-

successValue : {"app42":{"response":{"success":"true","email":{"configurations":{"config":{"emailId":"","host":"","port":465,"ssl":true}}}}}}

After getting these value I am trying to send the mail to my friend account.

here also i am getting "success" message

callback response :-

successValue : {"app42":{"response":{"success":"true","email":{"from":"","to":"","subject":"hi this kiran""}}}}.


after getting succes value. I checked the my gmail account. here I do not get mail from

here is fake account. why i am getting  "succesfull configuration" and "succesfully email sent"

Our email service mechanism is written on the top of SMTP email server. This is async process where we have take your request & return the success callback.

At our end, we do not check that your email id is fake or not we send a request to email providers (like Gmail,Yahoo). He will check if the mailId you have provide is correct than he will send the mail to your friends.

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