Is there a good way to consolidate callbacks?

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I got a unique callback for each userservice: e.g.

userService.GetAllUsers( new GetAllUsersCallBack() );
userService.DeleteUserapp42userNamenew deleteUsersCallBack() );
userService.Authenticate( userNameOrEmailInput , pwdInput, new UserAuthorization() );
userService.ResetUserPassword( app42userName, new UserPwdReset() );
userService.UpdateEmail( app42userName, emailId, new UserEmailChange() );

I know the userService callback is the same standard format for whatever userService call is made BUT is it possible to have only one callback and in that callback a way to tell which userService caused the callback to be called? Then I could use a switch statement to make my one callback do the proper and corresponding jobs depending on which userService I used.

asked Jul 2, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by huffman (17 points)

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Hi Huffman,
If you want to use these methods in single callback, You can set global variable for each method call like this.
e.g  bool getAllUsers = false, deleteUser = false; //etc
And when your method is called you must set this variable to true. e.g getAllUsers  = true;
finally do something like that in your callback.
public class UnityCallBack : App42CallBack
public void OnSuccess(object response)
 if(getAllUsers )
  IList<User> users = (IList<User>) response;
  //do your code 
 }else if(deleteUser)
  User user = (User) response;   
  // do your code 
 getAllUsers = false;
 deleteUser = false;
public void OnException(Exception e)
App42Log.Console("Exception : " + e);
answered Jul 2, 2014 by sshukla480 (407 points)
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