Application logs not working ?

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I have deployed a JAVA application on App42 PaaS platform. When the app was in RUNNING state, I was able to see the logs. But when I stopped my app, I was unable to see the logs.

Is there any way, that I could see the logs, without starting the app ??
asked Feb 21, 2014 in App42PaaS & BPaaS by shuklaranjana07 (21 points)

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Currently you cannot see the logs of app in STOPPED state. This feature is part of our roadmap & we are working on it and will be available in our future release.
answered Feb 21, 2014 by NaveenGShephertz (244 points)
Thanks Naveen
      Please notify me when this feature is done from your side.
Hi  shuklaranjana07
                             This feature is done. Now you can see logs of app in STOPPED state too.
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