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In my app, I am using email ID for unique user creating. And in appwarp, users join with their id names and so, I can retrieve their user info by App42 Backend.

The problem is, when a user join with an id which has more than 25 characters, appwarp responses bad_request error.

Can you adjust joinID maxchar value?

asked Aug 7, 2014 in AppWarp by Tufan (64 points)

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Hi Tufan,


You can use username instead of email Id to join the room which is also unique in App42 Backend.

Please let us know if it solves your issue.
answered Aug 8, 2014 by NaveenGShephertz (244 points) 1 flag
if player connect with FB I use FB id and if registers with an email I use email adress to create username. if i create users with first and last names this may not be unique if they are popular first and lastnames.

so problem still occurs.
Hi Tufan,

One alternative that you can use is that you can store some short name against that email id in UserService while you are storing User in App42 Cloud API.
When joining, you can use that short name and when you receive some message from that user then you can again fetch that user from App42 Cloud API and show the actual username.
Please let us know if it solves your problem.
Hi Naveen,

I solved this by getAllUsersCount method. thanks,
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