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Im using the sample scene for Windows Phone and followed all the set-up listed in http://api.shephertz.com/tutorial/Push-Notification-Unity-WindowsPhone/?index=pn-unity_wp .  I am trying to send push notfications but it does not seem to go through.

The push logs in AppHQ it lists the message as :

Module: App42_PushNotification

Type: INFO

Message : WP PushNotification : http://db3.notify.live.net/throttledthirdparty/01.00/AQFOI07LXto6T4ZuOONtCgMJAgAAAAADEAAAAAQUZm52OkJCMjg1QTg1QkZDMkUxREQFBkVVTk8wMQ : Dropped : Expired : Connected

Any help would be greatly appreciated

asked Aug 15, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Min (10 points)
Thanks for writing to us.

Can you please share your application source code with us at support@shephertz.com as It will help us to identify the exact cause of this issue.
I have sorted the problem think it was due to sending a push notification on the same device. However i have entered a new error now, I am unable to store a new users device token on the same device after logging out and deleting the previous users device token?

It seems to stop working at line :
pushService.CreatePushChannel (Constants.UserId, PushChannelRegistrationCallback, PushChannelMessageCallback);

 Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi Min,
I hope for deleting users device token you have followed following step.
Go to AppHQ console -> select push notification -> Users -> Now select the user you want to delete -> click on UnSubscribe Device. Or you can use deleteDeviceToken API for deleting device token .

For your second query what exception are you getting while CreatePushChannel .
Thanks for the reply

Yea deleting works perfectly using deleteDeviceToken api.

In terms of create push channel no exception seems to log on Callback.response in callback.cs it just seems to stop everything in process. once doing CreatePushChannel.

Is there a way to reset the channel or something as if you were doing a logout?

Thank You
Can you share some more details that which sdk version you are working on and please elaborate the reset channel use case. Because if you want your user to unsubscribe from channel, you can use unsubscribe channel api.
Also, if it is possible then please share the log details while you are calling the method to create push channel. It will help us to replicate this issue at our end.

For printing the logs in your app console, put the below line before making a request for creating a push channel:
I am using the Unity SDK and using the sample scene in the GitHub Repo for Windows Phone on : http://api.shephertz.com/tutorial/Push-Notification-Unity-WindowsPhone/?index=pn-unity_wp

I mention a reset as I want to remove a user currently registered on the device and register a new user on the same device.  I am guessing to register a new user on the same device you have to clear the previous users device token and settings ?

I can't seem to get the print out on the Windows Phone, in the Unity Editor it prints out :

apiKey*APIKey*body{"app42":{"push":{"userName":"Player5","deviceToken":"Got Wrong Dll","type":"WP7"}}}timeStamp2014-08-19T15:49:31.317Zversion1.0

Configuration Properties https://api.shephertz.com/cloud/

resource is---------: push

Exception Caught :: SendFailure

Thanks for the help

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Hello Min,

Thanks for sharing the details with us.

As of now, you need to delete previous user device from App42 data base to register a new user on same device. For deleteing the user device Go to AppHQ console -> select push notification -> Users -> Now select the user you want to delete -> click on UnSubscribe Device. Or you can use deleteDeviceToken API for deleting device token .

It looks like you have calling store device token method with wrong device token. Kindly verify that your device token is correct and let me know if you still have this issue.

If possible then share your project file with us at support@shephertz.com. It will help us to provide quick solution.



answered Aug 21, 2014 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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