What is CDN?

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Hello Ajay,

What is 'CDN'? Is that part of the App42 Cloud>


asked Aug 17, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by huffman (17 points)

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Hi Dan, 
App42 File Storage usage CDN network to store and access binary/media files. CDN (Content Delivery Network)  is distributed access network across the globe for accessing the files over HTTP. This provides faster access of file to the user as it is being served by near by CDN access location.   App42 CDN is located on 51 access location across the globe. Once you upload any file you will get an HTTP end point URL for that file pointing to CDN network. If you request that file in browser, it will be fetched from near by access location for faster response.
Let me know if it answers your query.
answered Aug 18, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
I thought this is for JS since you were coding in HTML 5. Since JS file was having issue in addORUpdateKeys method so we updated that and passed you the same.
Can you please let me know what is the error you are getting while calling this method in Unity?
I am making that addORUpdateKeys call from within the HTML/JS file that I unploaded to your CDN. So I should not need any new files since it is a problem on the server.

Am I corrrect?
File that is hosted earlier is 2.7 and has this issue. New file is published to fix it and need to be uploaded again. Problem was in JS SDK which runs inside browser so you need to change the path of App42 JS SDK with new one in script tag. I have renamed the file JSFile.js (name looks stupid btw) with App42-all-2.8.js and you can use this one in your HTML file instead of 2.7 JS url. http://cdn.shephertz.com/repository/files/f840228ccb231e3b29fefe2c1a23ccc4f10852cb60bc5753b4e8e3a35d1905cd/d7c347bbf214b8381ca098f6d4ed77cb83bf7561/App42-all-2.8.js

Let me know if it helps.

Got it. Thanks Ajay.
It WORKS! Thanks again Ajay.
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