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For a couple of days I was looking into App42 cloud services and though they look great I still miss one important conceptual thing. Say we have a multiplayer game with 2 users connected. One user is making an action changing something in the game world. This change is stored to the cloud so that the second user can retrieve it querying data from the cloud. The question is: how the second user can know there was some data modification which needs querying the cloud? What came to me so far seems to be no good:

1) Having update function querying the cloud on timer. Must be extremely expensive from number of API calls point of view. Seems to be impractical.

2) Using 'message-queue' or 'buddy' services. Won't help because the only way to see if there is a new message is again to make API calls repeatedly in an update function which is expensive.

3) Using pushNotifications could do the trick, but it is not reliable for such kind of tasks.

So basically I'm looking for some notification listeners mechanism in App42 and cannot find it. A brief look into AppWarp showed me that it has what I need. Now I'm wondering if I need both App42 cloud and AppWarp or App42 is enough... Could you please share your experience?
asked Aug 22, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by ilya (22 points)

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Hi Ilya,
For storing users data on cloud you can use our App42Cloud API's. Message/Queue Or buddy services provides a way to post a message on cloud and then receive that message on other end but they did not provides listener and is pull based. So using these service for messaging you might end up with making lots of API call and it is not suitable for multiplayer kind of application.
AppWarp solution is suited for this kind of application and can be implemented on cross platform for multiplayer messaging. You can use both together for storage and messaging purpose hand in hand.
answered Aug 23, 2014 by sshukla480 (407 points)
selected Aug 25, 2014 by ilya
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