Social Service DoFBOAuthAndGetToken Problem

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We are using the following to connect to facebook:

public static void ConnectWithFacebook(){
        string[] perms = new string[10];
        perms [0] =;        
        perms [1] = FBPerms.user_friends;
        AppConstants.BuildSocialService().DoFBOAuthAndGetToken(AppConstants.FB_APP_ID, perms, false, new FB_CallBack());


Its callback is as followings:

public void OnSuccess (object response)
        if (response is string){
            FB_CallBack.fbAccessToken = response.ToString();
            FB_CallBack.isConnected = true;

            Loading.loadingMsg = "Successfully connected to Facebook";

        if (response is{
   socialObj = (;

            FB_CallBack.fbUserId = socialObj.GetFacebookProfile().GetId();
            FB_CallBack.fbUserName = socialObj.GetFacebookProfile().GetName();
            FB_CallBack.fbUserProfilePic = socialObj.GetFacebookProfile().GetPicture();


If the first time we don't allow the permission to play the app in Facebook, it does not redirect to Facebook the second time it connects to Facebook. It also does not throw any exception.

May I know how to make it redirect to Facebook so that user can allow the permission to play in Facebook for the second time if does not allow the permission the first time?
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asked Aug 26, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Rachel Lee (10 points)
closed Aug 27, 2014 by Rachel Lee
We are looking this and trying to replicate. Will update you soon on this.
Thanks for having patience.
Hi, Rachel Lee. I have problem in Valid OAuth redirect URIs. May I know how you get the Valid OAuth redirect URIs for your app? I have stuck in this problem for few days already. Hope you can help me. Thank you.
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