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i have a problem with getting facebook profile from Ids on social service.

i always got response :

2014-09-03 16:16:58.728 Corona Simulator[786:507] 1 - 10203385691416164

2014-09-03 16:16:59.203 Corona Simulator[786:507] Message is : Bad Request

2014-09-03 16:16:59.203 Corona Simulator[786:507] App Error code is : 3805

2014-09-03 16:16:59.204 Corona Simulator[786:507] Http Error code is 400

2014-09-03 16:16:59.204 Corona Simulator[786:507] Detail is : The Facebook Access Credentials are invalid. Received Facebook error response of type GraphMethodException: Unsupported get request. Please read the Graph API documentation at

2014-09-03 16:17:23.555 Corona Simulator[786:507] 

i have set up facebook credentials on app42.

but it didnt fix my problem.


did i miss something?


Thank You

asked Sep 3, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by goldglorygirl (55 points)

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Thanks for writing to us.
This method is deprecated due to permission changed in Facebook app. Facebook has restrict permission to get the information through graph api in version 2.0 and above. However, you can solve this issue by saving the Facebook information of user in storage service. And fetch it back all the information using query interface. 
Let us know if it helps.
answered Sep 3, 2014 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
This works, but it'd help if you guys would fix it to do this behind the scenes for us...
Hello Hugh,

Thanks for your suggestion. Looks like a valid usecase. We will put this in our backlog & based on future request, we will plan it to put in our release.

Himanshu Sharma
Do you have an example of how we would store the information and then fetch it? I'm not really sure about all the information that's needed and how to actually resolve the issue once I have it.
Please have a look at the below link which have the sample project of Global Leaderboard integration and let me know if it helps.
Himanshu Sharma
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